Dear Diary…

This is my 2nd pregnancy.

I had all good intentions when i was pregnant 2 years ago of keeping a journal of the 40 weeks and beyond, for myself of course, but that got thrown out the window in the early stages of the most horrendous all day, all night ‘morning’ sickness and the kankles … oh the kankles.  I also remember saying in the last stages that “next time around i’m going to request a surrogate”….

So, since I’ve only recently found out we are expecting (I think i am 6 weeks – TO BE CONFIRMED), and (touch wood) I am still feeling human i thought i might give this blogging thing a crack…

Bear with me, it could get mopey and whiny potentially gory – but lets just see how it goes.  I will be honest the whole way through and i hope you will be honest with me and if it’s too much, tell me to SHUT UP and stop blogging!

If it’s anything like the diary/baby book thing i started for Billy, the novelty might fade and once again, keeping a diary of this experience will go back on the (dusty) shelf…

ps. sorry Billy – your baby history only goes to the first 4 months.  You are still cute!


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