Starting to feel the buurrrrn

The burn, as in the queeziness of something in my body that is “not quite right”….  The buttons on the lower part of my shirt are tight, and there is only so long i can put it down to “bloating”, before the suspicious eyes, raised eyebrows and pursed lips come at me. Yep, some ladies don’t start showing tell tale signs of carrying a tiny (and i meant TINY) human until after about 20 weeks. Me, i start showing the day after conception. DANG you body, DANG YOU!!

I’ve stated before, i don’t actually know exactly how far along i am in this process, by the numbers i am supposed to be 6, going on 7 weeks… i don’t see how that works though, they calculate this by saying “what is the first date of your last period” well, that was the 1st of November, which works out to be almost 7 weeks ago… but it’s a period! There were no sexy baby making moves happening with anyone for about 2 weeks (which would hit me up at about 4-5 weeks).  How can I be making a baby when i’m not doing the baby making dance with the Husband? Is this something i missed in sex ed “how to make a baby” class?  Anyway, relax – i’m going to clear this up with my Doc this week and get a more definite date.

I am hoping it is later in the process though, i don’t want this shit feeling taking over my body any longer than what it should.  I am starting to slowly remember the first time a human (albeit a fkg cute human) moved in and took over my body – i am pretty sure i was very annoying.  Standby for it, like I am the ONLY person who’s ever gone through it – WOOOOOOOOEEEE IS MEEEEEEE 🙂



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