It’s actually official

So aside from the more than obvious ‘bump’ that is starting to protrude from my lower gut region, the random unease, the absolute agony of cooking or looking at anything to do with mince or sausages, the sore boobs, the random nose bleeds, the thirstiness, the regular peeing, the 2 positive wee tests, and all the other sure thing signs that I am up the duff, we got a scan today to really dot the i, and cross that t.

I was 7 days out and official dates are 15 August.  It’s real now, I am 2 months (or as the week counters like to say “8 weeks and 2 days”….)

And that yellow fella up there is exactly what he looks like – that’s the exact picture taken from the scan… .true story….

It’s real, and it’s super hard to hide!  God help what I am going to look like when this thing is full term if I am already looking at least 4 months… How am i going to walk??

So basically anyone who I’ve seen (by accident or planned meeting) has put the nail on the head with a straight up “you’re pregnant, aren’t you?”… what to do…. lie? it’s obvious and i am a total shite liar. So, I’ve succumbed to hiding at home.  The headcold without drugs is helping me do that because it’s hard to get out of bed, it’s also taken my mind off the belly area and made me forget for a bit that there is a super power residing within.  I can’t say it’s been fun at all.  I have suffered through some terrible headaches (as anyone with a basic head cold does, but remember this is about me WOOOOOE IS ME), and then right at the end of it, after a fever cracked and i was kind of feeling ok, i realised with a lightbulb DING – I can actually take a panadol for this farking headache….!  I am so strong……. *a strong idiot…

Anyway, at least now when people call me out on my growing gut i can give them an actual date instead of “mmm early days, not sure yet…. Maybe August?”.  It sounds more official now.

Oh, and THERE IS ONLY 1!!!!



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