I’m not a victim – I wanted this….

I’m not a victim – I wanted this, I’m not a victim – I wanted this, I’m not a victim – I wanted this, is my new mantra when I am feeling the random, uneasy, negative side effects of pregnancy.

Of course, I know I’m not dying and at the end of it all I get to play with a(hopefully)nother cute kid (Billy has left pretty big shoes to fill in the cuteness department – but, i guess I can love 2 at the same time…..), but fark me – can we find a cure for morning (all-day) sickness already? There are watches that receive text messages, there are pizzas getting delivered by drones – just make up a simple cure for us girls please! And if you could do it ASAP, that would also be much appreciated.

The tiny human is a Kumquat – what the eff is a kumquat? (I had to google it for the second time in my life – first time was when i was pregnant with Billy), here is a picture of said ‘tarty fruit’ for those of you playing at home who also have no idea what it is….


I don’t actually like saying the name – the immature person within kind of flinches sounding it out…. is that just me I wonder? Kumquat….. Should i grow up? I probably won’t….

I am at the stage now where food is on my thoughts pretty much almost every second of the day.  Men think about sex every 4 seconds (that’s actually not a fact, i just plucked that number one out), me, I’m thinking about bacon about every 3.  I’d hate it if i were a vegan and had random cravings for bacon.  I’d be so torn with emotions – pretty sure vegan bacon wouldn’t cut it either…  If I am honest though, I probably wouldn’t class my bacon thoughts as ‘cravings’ as such – when I am not preggo I’m usually daydreaming about it but JEEPERS – how shit would that be, if the only thing a vegan person wanted was a big piece of juicy steak…. serves them right, i guess (I am pretty sure I have no vegan friends reading this but no offence (but being vegan i know you’ll be offended) if one day you do – you know who you are).

But anyway, back to the food business, I’m going to have to ramp up my lunch box as yesterday i couldn’t make it past 11am before tucking into my delicious lunch, then had to sneak out to the shops and get something to tie me over from about 2pm until home time… Today I’ve at least pushed it out until 11:43am, but the food thoughts are very distracting and I’m not getting a lot of work done when they are happening (shhh don’t tell the big bosses).


Anyway, I’m off to get my lunch and then daydream about dinner…. But how cute is that hand picture – HIGH FIVE LITTLE KUMQUAT




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