Just because….

Just because I’m up the duff, doesn’t mean i have to eat a (delish) pie with potato topping for lunch – for 2 days in a row…. BUT I DID…. Don’t shame me for it, it was bloody delicious and i have very few regrets about the choices I made.  I promise i wont do it tomorrow…

I like reading my weekly facts, this week  states the following: “At 11 weeks pregnant, your lower abdomen is probably just starting to protrude a bit too (though you likely still look less like you’re pregnant and more like you’ve been overdoing it on the doughnuts).” Oh, I’ve been looking like I’ve had too many doughnuts for about 11 weeks already – my shirt probably has another week or so before the buttons are going to ping off into someone’s eye and I’ll have to fill in a safety report for the injury caused.  I am a walking hazard.  I am going to try and squeeeeze one more week into it before i fill out a ‘please can i have a bigger sized shirt’ form and await the judging ‘mmmm she’s put on some weight’ eyes…

This week I would like to pay homage to my husband (side note: he’s not actually reading these posts, he’s been invited to but he likes stories with pictures or short one liners – maybe one day I’ll read this one to him)…. Anyway, he’s been an exceptional human of late, very helpful.  Afternoons, especially after work, seem to be the most painful for me lately and i become super lethargic (read lazy) and a little bit sick.  I guess he figures if he doesn’t cook he’s not going to eat so there’s method to his helpful ways – but thank goodness he’s got that insight because i’ll be damned if i’m going anywhere near any kind of raw food to turn it into dinner *spew*.  So he and the kids are getting fed, which is a good thing!

But he’s been supportive and caring as any husband should, of course.  I just feel a bit bad when he goes to give me any affection… Let’s be clear husband – I have an alien the size of a Brussels sprout taking over my body on the inside, any external human touch (an affectionate stroke, a pat, a cuddle, even just accidentally walking past and brushing against me) is not received well – it’s fkg annoying…. please don’t touch the goods (as in the body), we can do that later – plenty of time because marriage is for life.  Lets for the next 28 weeks or so go with SPAGHETTI ARMS – and respect each other’s dance space (recently watched Dirty Dancing) – PLEEEEEAAAAASE. And then afterwards you can stroke, pinch, sit beside, pass by, hug anytime you want…. I do love you and appreciate that you have feelings too, and i feel bad – i do, but seriously, let’s go with 15cm distance at all times and just settle with a wink over the table or something….?  Your hands are hot, even when we are in freezing aircon, and anything on my skin (clothes are sometimes an irritant) feels like i have something crawling on me – it sounds awful because the purpose is lovely.  Just don’t do it for the moment…..

Love you Husband, I’ll owe you about 40 weeks of affection after this…..


Let’s all give a high five to this little growing hand!



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