Many years ago a wise sister once suggested i start any rant off with at least 2 positives before any negative.

I might start this …. next post….  I can’t actually think of too many positives.  That’s not to say that I’m moping around like I am some kind of teenage emo, no no i just can’t seem to pluck too many overwhelming happy thoughts at the moment of posting this, but i accept the challenge for future posts, to save you readers from self harming with all the WOE IS MEEEing..

I live in the tropics, so naturally it’s hot.  We go through this season called ‘Summer’ for most part of the year, every year.  I play a game with one of my sisters from the south comparing temps – actual and what it feels like… I win the majority of the time.  So i shouldn’t be surprised by the weather and I should really cut back on saying “Gosh it’s hot hey”, on a daily, like its some new thing that’s happened….. But i do, I am constantly shocked by the temperature.

What makes it worse is the extra padding I am accumulating which is adding to the extreme heat.  Let’s say the average temps hit 34 (feels like 37.2 for those of you playing with your humidity calculators), for me the Feels like hits about 42.

I step out of any air conditioned facility (house, shops, cars etc) into this heat and actually feel exactly like this is happening to me:


I am certainly not one to ever exaggerate things… oh no, this is actual real life footage of my thoughts, EVERY SINGLE TIME I step out into the extreme elements of far north Queensland.

Today, at work I had some things to do in the workshop, it was as shown above – extreme (note the humidity before any rain is about 1000%), my back sweat was making my shirt stick to parts of me that I couldn’t reach to pull off me, it was not comfortable.  I made sure to rap up my outdoor business ASAP, to head back to my office.  I sat in my office for 3 minutes thinking my core temps were increasing at an alarming rate – it was at that point I remembered the email this morning explaining the air con shut down period for maintenance, so I all but moved my computer into the lunch room.  OHMAGOOOOOODNESSS

On the weekend dear Husband all but told me that we were going on an ‘outdoorsy adventure’ on Saturday.  This is speak for “I am not asking you, but telling you that we are going to have family time somewhere fun”.  He told me this at about 9:30, immediate reactions were to get straight onto my weather app and proclaim the injustice that at that current time the temp FELT LIKE 33* and it was only morning.  I went and visited a dear friend (in her wonderfully air conditioned home), and a number of hours later i checked my phone and noted the 4 missed calls from Jimbo.  I delayed the call back in case he finally got the hint that i was not interested in ‘outdoorsy fun times’…. He did not, he was patiently waiting for my return.  I sulked, I bitched and I moaned waiting for him to say “don’t worry about it i’ll go myself”, he did not…… OH GAWWWWWWWWWD.

So off we went to Alligator Creek.  All i can say whilst i scratch the 3 day old inflamed march fly bite on my leg is FUCK ALLIGATOR CREEK in the Summer time when you are pregnant!  I got in the water, the somewhat stagnant water, because that was a better option than sitting waiting them (them as in my wonderful family) out whilst swatting aforementioned march flies away.  Then after the swim we got out and I thought that was it.  Nope, no it wasn’t – there was food to be had – HE MADE A PICNIC…. usually I’d be all in his face with “OH MY WHAT A GUY”, this time I was like “noooooo”:


We made it home alive, but I vow to be less compliant with the next ‘outdoorsy fun’ suggestion, at least until March, but then by that point i’ll be too big to be mobile and again it won’t be an option I will be happy about.

Anyway, here’s the positive for you – me and my little mate in my belly have been friends for 12 weeks.  HIGH FIVE YOUR TINY HAND





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