I’m still here, I’m still alive..

It’s been little bit since i have blogged (read: moaned and groaned with woes), but i saved it up for you so you didn’t sink to new levels with me – over the last 3 weeks I’ve caught every bug known to man (i’m sure not every single one, i certainly didn’t get ebola or scabies, but dang it felt like it), infections from head to toe, viruses, head colds, spew bugs – you name it.

It’s been a barrel of laughs for anyone near me.  One lovely colleague even named my hacking as “making some lung butter” mmm toast anyone … <<spew>>… It’s been gross, but my goal this week is to see the whole week at work without having to spend a day in bed hating myself. Good news – half way there!

So, i promised that i would always bring a couple of positives to the equation so as to keep the tone upbeat a tiny bit…. not a great deal to jump for joy to, but firstly since I’m out of trimester ONE i seem to have dropped the spontaneous nausea from the equation (aside from the non pregnancy related sickness), so that’s a bonus – i don’t have to leave the house thinking “mmmm…. wonder if I should take a towel or a plastic bag to capture any ‘mishaps'” – one less thing to pack.  Although there was a horrendous nappy Billy gave me the other day that sent me unpacking a cut lunch into the porcelain bowl, but I am sure even non impregnated people would be heading in the same direction with that instance…. WTF did you eat, kid!


Annnnnd….. 2nd positive is that the tiny human is about the size of an avocado so I can almost start justifying my growing mid-section as being pregnant, and not just dumping on the pounds for the sake of it.  Although, looking at it, it looks as though I am carrying a rockmelon – but that’s what i get for eating pies. Although, on the pie count front – i proudly state that I’ve not had one in the month of February (the drought will be broken today, because i deliberately left my lunch in the fridge to indulge in the meaty/pastry goodness).

Also, a bonus positive to keep up my sleeve – i’m not yet having to wear elastic pregnancy pants.  I know when i was pregnant with Billy i was (shamefully but secretly loving) wearing those bad boys from earlier that 12 weeks.  Sure my body is different to then, and i guess i am already up a dress size from pre-billy but you have to take what you can in the form of positive news.  I do love the elastic pants, I’m just holding out for as long as possible because once I’m in them, i never want to get out of them – who needs zippers and buttons when you have pull up jeans….. think of all the time you save not having to zip and button – jeepers, that’s a sleep in (if one didn’t have an alarm clock in the shape of a baby monitor)…. I’m telling you people, even if you’re not pregnant – try them… AMAZING!!!

Anyway, it’s 11:29 – it’s lunch time somewhere in the world.  Hooroo






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