4 months in…

I’ve made it to 4 months (16 weeks for those of you counting the weeks),  what does one do when they are 4 months pregnant and losing memory and momentum more and more each day you ask?  Well, good question – they sign up for a post graduate degree ….. WTF was i thinking? Ohhhh how i forget things so easily.  I am not motivated on a non pregnant day – it took a lot for me to complete my diploma, why would i think doing a Graduate Diploma would be any easier or less stress?  Wish me luck folk – I am going to fkg need it!

I have the tiniest of humans (the size of a pickle) jumping around in me, i am starting to feel little gut jolts which i now know to be the early stages of kicks – active little mite, this one.  S/he will need to be though with Billy climbing all over me and pushing me around at any chance he can get – he’s my gentle hank-the-tank.  I wonder if this next one will be a delicate flower of sorts?  I actually highly doubt it, but we can only hope hey.

Last week the baby was the size of an avocado and i found myself sub-consciously having more avo on my toast (where as usually it’s egg), i wonder if this week i’ll be ordering extra pickles on any burgers i might or might not order….  If i’m going to start playing ‘eat what you grow’, i hope this baby is only going to grow and develop into delicious things from this point forward…. even “this week your baby is the size of a family block of chocolate” – don’t mind if i do!

Jamie is away this week, as is his working schedule for the next few months – home on weekends.  I did my shopping yesterday.  Tina Wafers are going to keep me company whilst he is away – it’s not because i am craving these delicious biscuits – i would probably choose them on a non pregnant week, i just wanted to tell you how much joy they bring me. Such a non offending biscuit – get some into you for the week kids, and don’t share with anyone!

I have been feeling more and more human of late, which is good for anyone who has to live around me, they don’t have to listen to my whinging and moaning (for the moment), so i really honestly do hope these good vibes keep going.  Even though i still can’t hear out of one ear, i have used it to my advantage on a couple of occasions at home – so glass half full guys!!!

Anyway, that’s my weekly wrap.  Oh crazy dreams galore this week, my mum had her boyfriend kill my dad in the front driveway …. it was strange – and when i mentioned it to Mum she didn’t seem to surprised by it…. mmmm  going to look into that one, and i know you’re reading this Mum, so let it be known – I’m onto you!  That same night there was a knife fight involving meat clevers and other kitchen knives when i was road tripping around America – so it was all pretty volatile.

This little tiny hand is getting bigger.  HIFIVE BABY!



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