What a wreck!!

So hello to you!  It’s been a couple of weeks between thoughts…. what a time to be alive though, especially living beside me.  I didn’t experience crazy emotion like this when i was pregnant with Billy until about the last couple of weeks of carrying him (where i went psychotic at dear husband for not mowing the grass. In hindsight it was drought dry and there really was not a lot of ‘grass’ to mow…. doesn’t matter – no 39 week pregnant lady should be rage mowing in the middle of the day and then losing her shit because it runs out of petrol) …. this last week gone I’ve lost it in front of people on 2 embarrassing occasions over really not much at all….  GOOOD TIMES…. and we are only just under half way.  Tread lightly people….

Also, feeling the ‘throb’ more often now (i automatically take myself to the gutter when i say that, and giggle to myself – so so childish)…. the ankles at the end of my days are very cushioned with a lot of fluid padding.  Just waiting for them to be around the clock kankles so that i can justify my slipper shoes and compression socks.

Positives: hmmm …. I am feeling flutter kicks which is cute, it’s nice to know there’s a little being in there having a spin and turn – i’ll enjoy it whilst there is still a bit of space and it’s not so obvious to the naked eye. . . and my brain is only slightly mushed, so i still have the capacity to function and hold a conversation before going off on a distracted thought digression, that’s more of a bonus for everyone who has to talk to me really.

The crazy dreams and imagination are running hot.  Last night i accidentally fell to sleep on the couch mid channel surfing, i woke up to the loudest THUD at the screen door. Scared the crap out of me! My initial reaction was to scream GET THE FK OUT, it seems to be the standard sentence when i get so scared, hopefully if it was a person they got the hint quick smart – it might have been a bird running into the screen (at 8:30pm??) or anything as random… Anyway, I was scared and not brave enough to actually go outside and investigate (although, it might have scared off any intruders with the sight of me – a wife beater and a pair of jocks – the go-to bed wear at the moment)…. Anywho, i did a triple check of all the doors and took myself to bed, and subsequently layed there like a scared 12 year old, flinching at and exaggerating any noise – needless to say i went to sleep restless…..  The next time i woke up was to the Tree-Arm that was slithering through a hole in the window – i woke up to myself throwing the control at it and telling it once more the GET THE FK OUT…. perhaps i need to change my words up as it seems to be getting old…. It’s loud enough that it hurts my throat and the control hitting the window really scared the ‘thing’ off….. Glad Jim wasn’t asleep next to me for that one, he’s a little over having to fight of these imaginary intruders…. pffft… he thinks it’s exhausting – what about me!!!

Don’t forget to highfive the rad little pink hand… it’s getting bigger!!




One thought on “What a wreck!!

  1. Oh Honey, you most definitely are a true Aussie chic, GTFO is definitely my go to screaming saying, lol. Ahhh, the second baby… it gets fun! Especially when your first won’t go to sleep unless they are held whilst standing and rocked to sleep, especially at 38wks… That’s interesting. So cute reading your blog tho

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