The 4 legged lady…

Dear Diary (again),

I went to the beautiful city of Sydney for a course last week.  It was nice to break away from the crazy routines of home and get some uninterrupted sleep for a few nights (sorry Jim, but it really was great).  I went everywhere on my 4 legs (2 x crutches and 2 x actual human legs), so for a solid 4 days or so i bore no weight on my ailing pelvis.  This was great, because the next few days afterwards I had little pain and discomfort – I even had an imaginary run – I felt that good. Now that I’ve been back to reality for a few days, sad to say my pelvis has gone back to smoking crack and lazing around everywhere again – I get it, being off my feet will help this process along, but my dear little mate Billy just doesn’t want to hear that rubbish! So the pain stays.

I will say though, I flew Qantas down and back, with a short stay-over in Brisbane, there is a reason why Qantas wins awards for their quality service – it was excellent and I am considering getting myself a pair of collapsible crutches or a walking cane for when I next travel in full health.  I was escorted on a people mover (you know the little buggies that beep you out of the way when you are strolling the hallways of the airport between flights) from one gate to the next and had VIP service (ok, nothing first class) by boarding first and I was even tempted to take up their offer of a wheelchair to the baggage area but I thought that was pushing it a little too hard.  I’m actually not bad on the crutches, I set a pretty decent pace. The folks were on the return flight so I managed to score them a seat on the buggy also – the crew were asking if Mum and Dad wanted wheelchair assistance for when they got off the plane – I am half certain Dad was considering the option (he is very able body for the record), I had to pull him up and say “they are with me” and gave a nod to my crutches – whoa guys, nobody steal this pregnant woman’s thunder hey!  So an enthusiastic high five to the Qantas team.

I was staying in Chatswood and catching a train to North Sydney to go to this course, that was ok – except for the somewhat steep hill I had to lug the body up to get to the building. On the second morning I needed to get there at about 7:30 or so, I got in to North Sydney with plenty of time to spare to be on time… if I was walking…. Got into the room about 15 minutes late.  The trainer (who wasn’t the best human I’ve ever met, if I am honest), looked over and said “train running late or something?”, I took a breath and said “nope – just took my time” – dickhead – now fetch me a coffee!

I did surprise myself when i hit a bird (calm down animal activists, it was a pigeon – the world could probably do with less of them). I was crossing a main intersection to get to class and i saw the bird, it was also on the intersection – I assumed it was going to move as I headed towards it and didn’t bother veering my path of direction…. Not sure whether it was drunk, or territorial or just simply not familiar with the peculiar shape of the pregnant four legged lady, crossing the road – or possibly a bit of everything, but I nearly fell over laughing when i actually struck it with a subtle swing of my stick (the swing was not I deliberate swing at the bird, I was simply travelling to get to my destination). Didn’t kill it, so a bonus for the bird population but certainly gave it something to think about.  I wonder what the people waiting for me to cross thought of the scene – I would have loved to have seen it in slow motion, over and over again.

As I mentioned earlier, when I am on a roll I seem to get quite a decent pace happening and when I was heading back to the train station one day I ankle tapped another pedestrian – they turned around in shock and I had to reluctantly apologize, just because it seemed to be the right thing to do at the time, but come on people, let’s not dawdle – move along!!

In my travels to and fro I passed other people using ‘the sticks’ and we gave each other a knowing nod as if to say “well done” or “you’re doing great” or “hey, nice sticks”, or whatever it was our nods were saying…. I wanted to ask one person for a race but let’s face it, it’s Sydney – you don’t make eye contact in Sydney…..

Since I’ve been seeing a physio on a weekly lately to get some pelvic relief, I was in the waiting room one day and got to thinking about why I might be having this pain. Sure, I know I am not the only one, and it is very common in pregnancy – the hormone relaxant flows through the body to loosen the areas preparing for birth etc etc – or that’s the short version of my interpretation anyway. I appear to be releasing TOO much of the stuff and my pelvis is basically chooffing down on a doobie and is quite stoned and too relaxed to care about carrying my extra weight and basically giving my pain threshold the finger (again, my interpretation of the big words).  But I asked my lovely physio if the fact that I jumped back into running/jogging soon after I had Billy, knowing now that I had this same issue in the last pregnancy.  The answer was QUITE POSSIBLY.

I remember now. After a c-section you are told to wait about for 6 weeks to recover from the ‘procedure’ before being able to do exercise or anything really.  That’s basically all you hear, if they told me anymore I wouldn’t have remembered.  I did just that though, on the 6th or 7th week I thought I would break into a run on the VERY FIRST chance i could get – this is after I had almost an entire 40 weeks of NO running because I was too damned exhausted to even walk.  What a hero I was.  I knew that night that it was probably the worst decision I had made – I was very uncomfortable with pain.  In hindsight, there was no need to run, when I could have easily taken myself on a brisk walk and that would have been just as sufficient and less torturous.  I continued to do so anyway.

Anyway, the Physio explained that running post c-section is probably more suitable after about 9-12 months after the operation (depending on recovery times)… pfft that seems a long time…. I get it now…. I won’t be climbing back on that running donkey so soon this time and will actually rehabilitate myself.

Just whilst we are on the topic of being sliced and diced to get to the baby – it really isn’t just a basic procedure = get your head around this:

  • The doc makes an incision into your skin, through the fat cells, connective tissue, and into the abdominal cavity;
  • The abdominal muscles are then spread apart;
  • The bladder is moved down and out of the way in order to get to the uterus;
  • There is an incision made into the uterus and the baby is guided out;
  • The placenta is taken out shortly after;
  • The uterus is then stitched up;
  • The bladder put back in place;
  • Then connective tissue, the abdominal, and the skin stitched up, to varying degrees.

(picture added for special effects)



A bit gruesome, sure but I think people forget about how major it can get to get that precious child out – whether elective or because of labor complications (which was the case for me with Billy). When I go through that list, I have to admit I don’t even know if I knew all the details, maybe I shouldn’t have looked it up even now.  Why on earth would I have thought 6 weeks be enough time to heal ALL the parts of my body and be ready for a vigorous run.  Silly Rabbit.

In saying all that, in my current state we are considering elective c-section…. watch this space for more gruesome shit.

Anyway, just an update on my gut situation I can no longer hide behind my fluros at work and needed to get some shirts, for home also because I was still hanging out in singlets what were probably too small for me when I wasn’t carrying around a basketball belly.  My guts were just hanging out proudly like I was on some houseo show, Jim is no doubt happy about not having to see it all out and about now… You’re welcome, man!

This is my first gut shot for the pregnancy – might take another in a few weeks if I can remember to clean my room so that the reflection of clothes and an unmade bed don’t show up in the background – that just sets a bad example for the kids later when they are looking at these photos “well Mum, it was good for you, it’s good for us not to clean it”….

Here is the gut shot….


I shall leave it at that for the moment as I have to go and get my little fella, It’s been a nice chat (to myself).

Before I go though, as always – give this little pink-handed bubba a high five – apparently s/he’s the size of a bunch of bananas….. A MASSIVE bunch by the size of my stomach – possibly even a few bunches together…..



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