Let me just bask in this feeling of painless delight – even if it only lasts a short time, I’m rolling around in it like it’s a bathtub full of hundred dollar bills!

I feel as though i went into one of those dramatic church scenes where JESUS CURED ME…. If Jesus is the wonderful chiropractor I saw, than I LOVE JESUS (and her wonderful work she did on my broken body, she has a name if anyone wants to know, PM me and I’ll shout it to the roof tops, cannot recommend her enough to fragile pregnant ladies).  I am actually tap dancing in my head it’s that amazing.

Funny story actually, anyone who reads my Facebook posts would have read last week that I had to fill out some details for this magician chiropractor, under the question “what eases the pain” i cheekily wrote NETFLIX AND CHILL (and when i mean cheeky, i just thought watching TV on the couch was the only thing i should be doing to ease the pain).  I did not know, until my Manager explained it to me between cacking himself laughing and searching through Urban Dictionary to show me the true meaning of the term:
(Excuse the naughty words)


code for two people going to each others houses and fucking or doing other sexual related acts
Brad: “Hey Julia wanna come over and watch Netflix and chill”
Julia: “Sure I’ll pick up the condoms
Brad: “Wait I thought we were just gonna watch Netflix and chill?”
Julia: “Netflix and Chill means we fuck, dumbass
Seems I am not the only one to mistake the concept for something a little more innocent (I do believe even the leader of our great country was caught out with it recently) but I was somewhat mortified because this place I go to is full of very lovely people and I didn’t want them thinking “she’s back – no wonder she’s not getting any better, with all that Netflix and chilling” – so I sheepishly called the receptionist and explained that I really just mean I like to sit on the couch… Turns out she didn’t know what it meant, so then I had to break it down for her in a PG explanation – she laughed very hard.  Glad I could bring joy to the lives of others.
So I am pain free in the nether regions!!! YIPEEE!! That doesn’t mean i stop whining though.  Nope, apparently it’s not time for me to be 100% cleared of WOE’s.  Billy saw what was happening, that Mummy was starting to feel terrific and decided to sneeze and cough and splutter in my face and share with me his disgusting head cold.  Thanks Son, so grateful for your gifts.  So yesterday when I went into the chiropractor with my face running (nose and eyes), I had to lay face down for her to do her thang and when i got up embarrassingly had to acknowledge the wet patch(es) on the face bit… .awkward – got a tissue?
We are 28 weeks in, into the 3rd trimester and I am thinking I should really make a start on this new baby’s bedroom – at the moment s/he will be sleeping on the floor in the office/hide-the-shit room…. I guess there’s enough space to accommodate the tiny figure, but I know how fast those babies grow – best get onto it.  It made me think though, we have a bookshelf filled top to bottom with books I’ve read. WHY ARE WE SAVING BOOKS? I’ve never considered this until now.  I’m never going to read them again, why have we kept them – here we come vinnies!
Anyway, since I’ve been away from work for a couple of days I should get back into it and make my moneys worth of productivity.
Obviously before you leave you’ve got to reach out and whack my baby’s growing paw – how big is it getting!!!

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